Alex Garver, CHT

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Helping Souls Ground and Humans Grow Since 2016 
 SunConscious Healing
Helps You:
Be Less Reactive, Anxious, Irritable, and Confused
Increase Intimacy with Self and Others
⭐ Safely Access Psychic and Intuitive Gifts
⭐ Ground Into Your Body, Especially the Belly
⭐ Fulfill Your Life's Purpose
⭐ Awaken (As In Become More Enlightened)
"I have been deeply humbled by the heartbreak of being human. Instead of peddling quick fixes, I invite myself and my clients to open to both pain and love. 
A kundalini awakening in 2013 introduced me to psychic and non-dual states of consciousness that I have been integrating ever since. My way of being in the world includes both total acceptance of what is as well as moving towards greater awakening and embodiment of love." 

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Q: How long does it take before I'll feel better?

A: You'll likely feel a profound, if subtle, shift that provides hope and motivation after your first session. After just a few sessions you will sense that you are changing and begin developing more skill to facilitate that process yourself.

The type of deep personality change that offers the most benefit takes time. Usually, two to three years. I encourage you to engage in Alchemical Hypnotherapy as you would a regular therapist, coming once a week or once every two weeks. Coming regularly allows the work to build on itself. 

What Others Are Saying About SunConscious Healing

"Alex has taught me nothing less than how to venture around within my own psyche. It’s gotten to the point where I can now do it on my own – but I still meet regularly with Alex, because with him there, things go that much deeper.

I don’t remember what prompted me to begin the specific Internet search that led me to Alex… but I remember why I first reached out. I felt stuck, unsure, underconfident. I sure don’t feel that way now.


My destination, if anything, feels even more mysterious… but these days, I have a very real sense of momentum, I keep seeing clues that I’m on the right path, and helpers keep appearing when I need them. Which, I guess, is how I found Alex… and I’m so grateful."

-Chris Jeffries