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Imagine the life you most want to live, unhindered by the past, with unshakeable confidence in yourself and Life. You notice gentle nudges of intuition and follow them as your personal GPS guidance system.
Alchemical Hypnotherapy helps you shift from an ego-based identity to heart-centered consciousness. As you learn to trust the wisdom of your heart, you resolve the biggest issues of your life. And as you release past baggage, you learn to trust the love that is your birthright. 
After a session of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, you might notice that something that has always weighed you down or limited you in some way is gone forever. You walk away lighter, more fluent in the language of the body, and empowered to continue your personal growth.

Q: What are some of the things you help with?

A: Some of the issues we address are

  • Lack of confidence

  • Feeling different or split off from the world

  • Dissociation or spiritual bypassing

  • Accessing psychic gifts

  • Clearing past life trauma

  • Insecure attachment 

  • Sexual or physical abuse

  • Childhood trauma and neglect

  • Poor sleep

  • Addictive patterns such as overeating or drinking 

  • Stagnancy and depression

  • Navigating kundalini awakenings

  • Pain and physical issues

According to the Buddha, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Clients find more ease and joy as they accept their past experiences, digest the residual emotions, and change the narrative around their life story. 

Q: How do you help?

A: I help you become yourself by creating a safe place where you can discover untapped inner resources, share vulnerably, and be witnessed with warm acceptance. The most important quality in facilitating personal growth is presence. To be with what is, without changing or fixing anything. Just loving acceptance, plain and simple. ​

Q: Is that it?

A: That's a fundamental element in my work. Loving acceptance is the glue that integrates parts of the self that are split off from each other.

There are more active techniques that I use as well. They include visualization, breathwork, energy healing, discovering past lives, physical exercises, working with spirit guides, and many others.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: I love working with clients who are trying to share their light with the world. They are interested in spirituality and personal growth. At the same time, they are willing to face the darkness in themselves, which allows fundamental shifts to occur in their personality and life. I especially understand meditators, starseeds, psychics, writers, and seekers of all sorts.

Q: Um, I'm not sure I want to change my personality. I just want to feel better.

A: Sure, that's fine. But are you willing to look at what brings you down? Things like your beliefs, habits, feelings, and physical postures? Would you like to do more of the things that help you feel great?

Q: Sure, of course. Can you really help me?

A: Let's hop on a call to see if the healing work I do will help you. Therapy is an intimate exchange, and trust and resonance are paramount. When those are present, I've seen this work steadily shift lives for the better, empowering people to pursue long-cherished dreams, build rewarding relationships, trust their intuition, and express themselves more freely. The effects of this work are clear and immediate and build upon themselves over time.


Q: How long does it take before I'll feel better?

A: You'll likely feel a profound, if subtle, shift that provides hope and motivation after your first session. After just a few sessions you will sense that you are changing and begin developing more skill to facilitate that process yourself.

The type of deep personality change that offers the most benefit takes time. Usually, two to three years. I encourage you to engage in Alchemical Hypnotherapy as you would a regular therapist, coming once a week or once every two weeks. Coming regularly allows the work to build on itself. 

Q: How long is a session?

A: Sessions are an hour. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $99 a session. For sessions that last an hour and a half, the rate is $140.  Scholarships are sometimes available for those with financial need. 

Q: What is your actual availability like?

A: I work with a maximum of 9 clients a week to allow me to offer deep, personal presence with each person. Schedule a consultation call here and I'll let you know what days and times I have open for regular sessions

Q: Where do sessions take place?

A: With Covid-19, all sessions are being held via Zoom or Facetime.

Q: What is your cancelation policy?

A: Just give me 24 hours' notice, and we'll reschedule. Otherwise, I ask for $50 to cover the inconvenience. 

Q: Honestly, I'm a little scared to even book an appointment. Who knows what will be stirred up?

A: That's normal and understandable. Some people, even after doing this work with me for more than a year, feel some trepidation before a session. The reward comes after a session, though, when whatever was weighing their heart has been released and a lightness pervades.

It's important to remember that you are in charge of how far we go. I won't be pushing you into anything. If you're concerned about being overwhelmed, one of the first skills we will practice is how to regulate your emotional experience. It's important to be able to go to the edge of some unprocessed pain, maybe stick your toe in to learn about it, but not to get lost or overwhelmed by it.

Q: Is it even worth it? It sounds kinda unpleasant and awful.

A: It's worth it. It's actually the fastest, most direct way to the life that you want. Otherwise, what will happen if stick with your old habits? Looking several decades down the line, how will that work out?

As you touch the darkest parts of yourself, you also find your greatest gifts. Offering your gifts to the world and expressing your light makes it all worth it.

Q: What is hypnosis, anyway?

A: Have you ever meditated? It's basically guided meditation. Just as there are different types of meditation, there are different styles of hypnosis. Similar to mantra meditation, sometimes we use affirmations such as, "I am growing more and more confident every day." Other times we use our imagination to communicate with different parts of ourselves.

In one way we all are actually hypnotized most of the time. Driving to work, sometimes we awaken from trance to find that we have successfully driven several thousand pounds of aluminum without really being aware or remembering much of the drive. It is as if we have an auto-pilot who drove to work, freeing the mind to consider other matters. As we watch a movie, we often feel as if we are the protagonist, forgetting about ourselves sitting on the couch. These examples show that a state of trance is easily accessed and familiar to us, but we rarely use it consciously or intentionally.

Hypnosis as used in therapy is a state of alert relaxation. You are relaxed, but you are also present. You are lucid; you don't lose consciousness or lose time. You will remember everything that happened. Hypnotherapy can feel like a dream; images that were clear in the moment can slowly drift away after returning to everyday waking consciousness. In trance, you will feel the body more subtly, more clearly. It is the same type of mind state that is induced by meditation or shamanic practices. Because your conscious mind is also present, you can have a conversation between the conscious and unconscious parts of you. This can help resolve inner conflicts and allow you to become a more integrated person.

Q: So you said I'm having a conversation with my subconscious mind. What do you mean by the subconscious mind?

A: Technically, I mean any part of the body or mind that is not in present, conscious awareness. Compared to the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg. Practically this means the body. The line distinguishing between body and mind is thin, and in this work we let the body lead us where we need to go.

The body and mind have many years of memories, but they mostly remain dormant and unconscious. There is often a strong emotional charge associated with memories that tells us if that event was pleasant or painful, and what lesson we learned from that incident. By returning to the memory, the emotional charge can be cleared, and limiting beliefs can be replaced with more helpful, positive ones. This process works similarly with present life and past life events. 

Q: Is this something I'll even be able to do?

A: Can you relax? Can you feel any sensation in your body? Yes, you'll be able to relax and stay present. Some people are more visual, while others feel things in their bodies, but whatever way you experience these sessions is fine. You'll even get better and better at accessing a relaxed state of mind as you practice. Being able to relax won't just help you do deep inner healing work; it will also help you in any of your creative or expressive endeavors. The top writers, athletes, and public speakers have been known to use visualization to reliably access a state of flow.

Q: Why do you call your work “Alchemical Hypnotherapy”?

A: When people hear of hypnosis, they probably think of stage hypnotism, which is not a fun place to get vulnerable! Or 'hypnosis' might also conjure the idea of direct suggestion, something like, “You are no longer a smoker. You enjoy clean air and clean lungs.” This is a helpful tool, but is only one in a large toolbox. I distinguish my work from these other things by calling it Alchemical Hypnotherapy, which is what my teacher David Quigley named it.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is about taking the pain stored in the body and transforming it into wisdom, peace and freedom. Awareness alchemizes the dense lead of emotional pain into the gold of wisdom and love.

Q: What qualifies you to do this work? 

A: Honestly, I think healing can happen in many places, in many ways. It tends to happen when people have the chance to be seen and accepted without judgment. So I think what qualifies me is being a human being with a loving heart. That said, I have also undertaken intentional practices to remember to stay in the present moment, to hold space, and to accept whatever comes up. I have dissolved some of the blocks separating myself from a love that I experience within my own heart. In addition, I also have a fair bit of practical, nitty-gritty training in psychology.

I received a BA in psychology at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. After graduating I spent 3 years living and meditating in Buddhist monasteries where I developed mindfulness and body awareness. I continued my psychological training at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, CA and at the Institute for Therapeutic Learning in Seattle, WA. I am currently enrolled in a three-year program at the Seattle School of Seattle Psychotherapy studying Core Energetics.

Q: What's your philosophical approach to healing?

A: I believe that there is a power within each of us that heals and guides us, far more powerfully than any doctor or therapist externally. Sometimes called the power of the subconscious mind, sometimes called God, I believe there is a love and power within that is integral to who you are.

Sometimes it's helpful to think of yourself as having at least two parts: A child, who is at times hurt and confused; and a mature adult, strong and full of love. Lovingly holding your emotional, reactive self provides space to also hear your deeper wisdom.

I welcome and work with people regardless of their particular lifestyle or identities, including heterosexual and LGBTQ people, white people and people of color, and monogamous and non-monogamous people.  

If you are interested to learn more, read about depression, past life regression, or my bio.

Please send me a message using the form below letting me know what you'd like to change or create in your life!

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